AiP 2021 permit guidelines

Parking Permissions (for Artists in the Parks Business Only)

  • –  Free parking at recreation areas (show permit and sign in at toll booth)
  • –  Designated hiker’s lots (anytime)
  • –  Roadside Parking* (put parking permit visibly on dashboard)

o Jan 1 – May 28: Roadside parking anytime
o May 29 – Labor Day (September 6): No Roadside parking
o September 7 – October 29: Roadside parking on weekdays only o October 27 – Dec 31: Roadside parking any time

DO NOT park in Group Camp areas; DO NOT PARK along PIPC Historic Site roadways; DO NOT block park gates.

*Roadside Parking is by permit only along any PARK ROAD where there is sufficient space to have the entire car, including all tires, out of the lane of traffic, on the opposite side of the white line. Roadside parking is NOT ALLOWED in Palisades Interstate Park, NJ.